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Footprints Bridge International (F-BRIDGE) is registered as a company limited by guarantee and focuses on building sustainable businesses as well as developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Headquartered in Ghana, F-BRIDGE has offices in five other African countries.

F-BRIDGE helps entrepreneurial men and women build businesses that create income, opportunity and economic growth in rural areas. F-BRIDGE believes that the key to promoting dynamic growth in Africa is to develop viable rural businesses based on a thorough understanding of domestic and international market demands.

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To be the most trusted and proven provider of innovative and market-based solutions to social enterprises, businesses and communities with a desire to create economic opportunities, especially those living in undeserved areas of the developing world.  


Help entrepreneurial men and women in undeserved communities of the developing world to build life transforming initiatives and businesses that create income, opportunities and economic growth for their families and communities.


Our core values are:


Making a measurable positive difference and committed to results oriented solutions, that is the only reason for our existence;


As a driver of economic growth, and as an approach to our own work. This means we take calculated risks. We are innovators and willing to try new approaches to achieve higher impact;

Exceptional Talent

Smart, dedicated and creative people;


“Pitching in” to help each other. We respect and tolerate each other.


Taking pride in our work. We believe that what we do and how we do it really makes a difference.  We are committed to quality in all that we undertake. We deliver.


 For our clients, colleagues and partners as individuals and as members of larger communities. We treat people fairly

The environment

Committed to sustainable development and sensitive to the uniqueness and assets of each community and the market we support.

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We consider the following four components as key to the successful strengthening of economic development initiatives in undeserved communities:

Experience-based learning

is the most effective way to transfer knowledge and achieve behavioural change.  Whether the task is building a bookkeeper’s skills, training a factory manager, or teaching a legislative aide agricultural policy analysis – the best way is engaging them in real hands-on efforts that teach both the how and the why;


is what drives efficiency and improvements.  The world and its markets are far from static.  For communities and businesses to remain successful they must adopt and promote a culture that continually seeks ways to improve;


risk-taking is an essential part of economic empowerment, but too much risk is stifling.  We strive to work with entrepreneurs, stakeholders and their partners to identify and mitigate risks and facilitate investment and innovation among the underserved rural entrepreneurial men and women; and

Collaboration and Partnership

are very important to two developmental imperatives:

  • Efficiency is gained by appropriately drawing on specialists for research, analysis and
  • implementation activities;
  • Working side by side is the most efficient way to build long-term sustainability by transferring capacity to local agents.


Footprints Bridge International focuses on under-served people and communities in market-led delivery models as these economic agents are mostly at a disadvantage. Our core solutions are:

  • Business Incubation, Acceleration and Sustainable Local Economic Development
  • Agriculture Value Chain Development, Agribusiness and Agri-tech Innovations
  • Technology and Innovation Commercialization
  • Mentorship development models for youth and women
  • Africana Seed Fund